About Foodiepaws

Dog Friends

Foodiepaws is a dog chews brand specialized in providing a wide range of canine chews & treats, whose purpose is to offer your pet the best care and ultimate happiness without compromising their comfort and safety. We carefully select only the highest quality ingredients, with no preservatives, fillers, and additives; extracting only the best to make your pet happy. Our bullysticks for large dogs are made for your dog's happiness and well-being in mind. Our natural dog chews help improve your pets overall health; relieving stress and anguish. Our dental sticks for canines are the perfect solution to your companion's boredom. Foodiepaw chews will serve your canine friends for up to an hour; treating themself with the most delicious taste!

All-Natural Grass-Fed Beef

Farmer with Cow

Our bully sticks are made with premium-grade ingredients, and your dog's love. All-natural, 100% grass-fed beef, free of hormones, unnecessary additives, fillers, or preservatives. Our bully sticks provide a great source of high-quality ingredients for your pup. Our single ingredient dog dental sticks will not cause any adverse reactions. We customize our bully sticks for your dogs. Both healthy and tasty dog treats for small, medium, and large breeds.

GENTLE & SAFE Digestion


Our bully sticks are specially formulated with premium ingredients to ensure a 100% gentle digestion for your dog's safety. You can give your dog our best bully sticks without worrying about them getting sick or bloated from highly processed food. Our dog chew sticks are a safe alternative to rawhide treats & animal bones. Pizzle sticks for dogs are more comfortable to chew on, being without splinters or rough edges which can hurt the inside of your dog's mouth.

Chewing on our long lasting dog chews will help support your canine friend with their oral health & hygiene. Our dog chews can help remove tartar, residue, dirt, and plaque build-up off of teeth. It also improves gum health, making our dental sticks a more enjoyable alternative as to brushing your dogs' teeth! The tough fibers of our dog chews help clean canine teeth better than any other dental stick; making our puppy chew treats more effective and safer for your pup.



Our rawhide free dog chews are crafted with care using a special technique that keeps all that juicy flavor, while eliminating foul odors without introducing fillers or artificial flavorings. Your furry friend will love our puppy bully sticks! The taste of our thick bully sticks is something dogs will go absolutely wild for! Rawhide-free dog treats are fully natural and tasty treats for your dog to enjoy!

All Natural & Odor-Free Bully Sticks